Welcome to our new website

Our wonderful club picture advertisement.

The members of the Tulare County Amateur Radio Club is proud to present, to all that may visit us on the internet, our new website.

Once upon a time, websites were just for publishers. Sure they were informational if frequently updated but they lacked interaction since only one or maybe two people could post new information.

Then came and went newsgroups.

Social media is still a thing despite the well known trade of privacy for content creation and consumption.

All and all, normal communities are at the mercy of companies and services of outside sources imposing thier rules, thier terms of services and thier monetization agendas.

This new website aims to free us from the publishing limitations of yester-year's technology and allow us to finally interact with one another like a proper club via the internet.

Please join us in our discussion groups and partake in the fellowship.

Buy or sale gear and other radio related items on our local swap meet forums. (To be released soon)

Add and view other's pictures to our media galleries.

View and contribute to our valuable radio resource library.

Vote on polls, maintain a newsfeed..

More functionality and features will be added as time moves on. I hope it will greatly enrich our radio community and serve us well in our endeavor as radio enthusiasts.

While there will be space that only official club members have access to, all are welcome to register here on our site and join the fun.