TCARC = December Christmas Party Planer


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The Tulare County Amateur Radio Club
Is in the process of planning out the Christmas Party Please fallow the trend for further updates
@Larry Taylor @Scott Taylor @Eric Ott

We Need to Know Who is Bringing What for the Pot Luck.

Well, the ball was dropped on this. It was December 19th at 6 pm​
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I would like to say thanks for all those that came to the Christmas party this evening. without you, all none of this could happen... there were some missing faces this evening. we miss those that did not show. lots of good food and some good prizes were taken home this evening. we would love to see everyone back in 2020. @Larry Taylor was presented a certificate along with @kk6wfn Dwain too. I know there was some communication that did not come across in part of this party and that needs to be rectified. @AE7TE ED Sorry you missed out on some of the info also. we know you have your family to tend to. See ya next year my friend.


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Shame there was no official announcement on the site clarifying date/time/location of said event.

Glad the event went well though.

Merry X-mas EVERYONE!!!


I second what Sean said. This thread went up a month ago and was not used at all. Also, not sure why the meeting/party was at 6 PM this time when every other time it was at 7.

I'm glad you guys had fun. I was able to get a lot done since I didn't come to the meeting. As I get closer to my degree, it's likely this club will see and hear from me a great deal less. That's okay. I have enough obligations and necessities and think it would be good to shed a few.