"National Safety Week" coming up in a few month's

"National Safety Week" coming up in a few month's
https://www.moreprepared.com National Safety Week is coming up in a few month's here is something to maybe think/use to build a safety/bugout/emergency preparedness bag.

They give you a list of whats in there bag's.

Now you can build your own, with ideas of what to put into it from here. you might be able some money doing it your self.

I would also recommend using a watertight/dust-free bag. Here is a link for a bag good price if you order a sample bag Promotional Adventure Duffle Bag - $10.40 (it looks like it would be around $23.44 with shipping).

I'm just looking at ideas for you all. If you don't have "Honey <<<<use this link" sign up you could save a little more on some of this that I am posting here.