Errata to 2020-2024 Amateur Extra-Class Question Pool released


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The NCVEC Question Pool Committee has issued errata to the new (2020-2024) Amateur Extra-class question pool that goes into effect on July 1.

Most changes are minor, involving typographical or style errors.

In the syllabus at the top of the pool:
E1C - Changed "bandwith" to "bandwidth"
E3B - In sub-element heading, deleted "grayline"
E9D - Changed "feedpoint" to "feed point"

In sub-element 3, changed "41 questions" to "40 questions."

In the question pool:
E1C13 - In answer C, changed "Utilities Telecom Council" to "Utilities Technology Council (UTC)"
E1C14 - In question, changed "Utilities Telecom Commission" to "Utilities Technology Council (UTC)"
E1D03 - In answer, choices C and D, changed "earth" to "Earth"
E2A02 - In question, changed "inverted" to "inverting"
E3B - In sub-element heading, deleted "grayline"
E3B08 - The question is withdrawn from the pool and marked as deleted. The remaining questions in E3B were not renumbered, leaving 11 questions.
E5B04 - In question, changed "220 microfarads" and "1 megohm" to "220-microfarad" and "1-megohm"
E7C09 - In answer B, added a space between "1" and "kHz"
E8C10 - In question, changed "symbol" to "data"
E9C02 - In question, changed "1/4 wavelength" to "1/4-wavelength"
E9C03 - In question, changed "1/2 wavelength" to "1/2-wavelength"
E9D - in sub-element heading, changed "feedpoint" to "feed point"
E9E09 - Removed brackets after the answer (C).

The Amateur Extra-class question pool will be updated to reflect these changes. Submit feedback or questions to the Question Pool Committee via email at,