Tulare County Amateur Radio Club

International DX Convention, Visalia CA

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The 71st Annual International DX Convention sponsored by the Southern California DX Club and held at the Wyndham Hotel. Visalia, CA April 24, 25 & 26, 2020

The International DX Convention is the world's foremost DX convention. If you are a DXer or interested in any aspect of ham radio you need to be at Visalia. Top DX operators from around the world will be there. Meet the big guns from the US, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Meet the people on the other side of the mic or key. Shake hands with the person you have had that sked with for the past 10 years. Renew friendships.

Top DXpeditioners from every continent tell you how they did it. Learn the secrets for big signals on the top band, how to have fun and adventures chasing IOTA, contest forum, DX forum, seminars for everyone from the seasoned pro to the beginning DXer. Bring your latest QSL card arrivals for checking. Attend the...

Test Training Class for Amateur Radio License

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Test Training Class for Amateur Radio License

Our club "Tulare County Amateur Radio Club" is offering a FREE Training class to help you get started in Amateur Radio with your Technician Class License. You don’t need to know anything about Electronics or Radio Stuff. This is a down to earth class for those that want their license, but don’t know how to get started. It’s 2 Saturdays of apx 5 hours long in the class, and an hour off for lunch. You are asked to read the questions and answers about ½ hour daily. A test is available on the 3rd Thursday before our regular club meeting starting a 6 pm. That’s just 13 days of prep from Start to taking your Test. This is the way to get your License. No age limits! I’ve seen 9 years old get it. No More Code either. What I ask you to do is bring a laptop or notebook that can take a flash drive or CD for the material to read in...
World Amateur Radio Day
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Long before the invention of the World Wide Web, when instant communication was a dream and a letter was actually considered a pretty speedy way to communicate (outside of the phone), there were a group of pioneers who had already discovered the glories of a word-wide communication and the joy of communicating with people all over the world instantly. What could this amazing form of communication be? Why, Amateur Radio! Amateur Radio Day reminds us of these great pioneers, their modern descendants, and how radio has been serving a worldwide community for well over 100 years

World Amateur Radio Day

Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on this day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris.

Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrum — far from...​