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Oh thank god we don't have to go through this kind of BS

Ofcom is proposing significant changes to the amateur radio licence requiring amateurs to carry out EMF assessments everytime they make a change to the antenna or equipment
There have been several reports that the AR2781 sunspot let off a C-class flare with a pulse of X-rays and UV radiation which ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere, causing a brief shortwave radio blackout over Australia and the Indian Ocean
In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission held a very special auction.

119.925MHz for an automated weather report from the Visalia Municipal Airport.
145.150 W6LIE , Kern County Amateur Radio Club Repeater had a swap meet on Sunday 10/4/20 At circa 8pm..
The Kern County-Central Valley
Amateur Radio Club

Worth seeing if this is a trend and happens often.