Winter Field Day is for GMRS too


Scott Day 2022 Vice President
Staff member
Elected Director
The Tulare County Amateur Radio Club is holding our Winter Field Day event this year on January 28th & 29th at the Sportsmans Warehouse parking lot. If you're unfamiliar with Field Day, it occurs twice a year (Once in the winter & once in the summer) and is a 24-hour event in which amateur radio operators and radio clubs are encouraged to get outside, set up and operate their gear to maximum effect for a 24-hour period. In the past this has mostly been an HF related event. But with the increased popularity of VHF/UHF FM line of site communications and EmComm related operations, those aspects have become part of Field Day as well. And now, with GMRS taking off like it has and becoming a club supported activity; "Winter Field Day is for GMRS too".

So, we are encouraging those in the GMRS community to come out and join us for Winter Field Day. I will be out there and will have a bunch of 2m/70cm & GMRS EmComm gear on display and will be operating those stations throughout the weekend. If you can't make it, at least make sure your radio is charged and ready to go and join in on the air.

Hope to see you there - Scott (KS6DAY/WRTI407)