Test Training Class for Amateur Radio License

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Test Training Class for Amateur Radio License

Our club "Tulare County Amateur Radio Club" is offering a FREE Training class to help you get started in Amateur Radio with your Technician Class License. You don’t need to know anything about Electronics or Radio Stuff. This is a down to earth class for those that want their license, but don’t know how to get started. It’s 2 Saturdays of apx 5 hours long in the class, and an hour off for lunch. You are asked to read the questions and answers about ½ hour daily. A test is available on the 3rd Thursday before our regular club meeting starting a 6 pm. That’s just 13 days of prep from Start to taking your Test. This is the way to get your License. No age limits! I’ve seen 9 years old get it. No More Code either. What I ask you to do is bring a laptop or notebook that can take a flash drive or CD for the material to read in class. You must have Adobe Reader to open the files. You will also need a Powersupply to keep your device powered up in class. If all you have is a desktop, I’ll project the material on the wall so you can read it and let you take a CD home with you. If you can bring a spare blank CD DVD RWDVD that I can load the info on to it. The CD’s are my only expense for the class.

I only give the class 4 times a year. Once a Quarter.

Here are the Dates for 2020

February 1st and 8th test on 13th

May 2nd and 9th test on 14th

August 1st and 8th test on 13th

November 7th and 14th test on 19th

If there is an interest, I can offer a Class Study for your GENERAL Class License exam. This will follow the Technician classes in November. It only takes ONE who wants to get there General, but I need to know. The Location for the classes is at the Tulare County Board Of Supervisors Chambers, 2800 W Burrell, Visalia Calif. Time of the classes is 10 am to 4 pm Saturday. I will be your Facilitator for this endeavor

My name is Larry Taylor KF6JBG Please call me and let me know you are coming. RSVP --> (559) 786‐7033 <--
Thank You and Good Luck
@Larry Taylor


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KM6IOE Calvin

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Thanks for this info. I will copy this info and pass it on to some that have inquired recently about how when and were to get started.
I have been directing some to the website so I'm sure this will get some attention.
Thanks for your dedication to the hobby.