Parkridge & Tower Considerations


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I have a wiresX node running on dedicated equipment. I've been powering down the server and radio until the weekend but if others re interested in the WiresX system I can start leaving it up all day. Eventually build a tower or rent tower space for it. .. brings me to my next question.. Anyone know how we can rent tower use? About how much should I expect to pay?


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On that note? How does one support the club and pay something towards our "lease" at parkridge? I'd like to help. any way i can


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@N0JKR Wiresx has always sounded cool to me. I hadn't known anyone else playing with it and that fact has been the drawback for me. Maybe now that I know someone playing with it, I can get my hands dirty a learn a little about that system.

It would be nice if we had someplace we could put things like this up actually. Parkridge seems so unattainable to me.

I've got an AllStarlink node with Echolink running for the group... So I feel ya. I'm running mine from home. It isn't the ideal setup to be a gateway for the repeater remotely instead of installing these add-ons functionalities to the repeater directly.

As far as helping, get with @KM6IOE Calvin