Hooking up a XLR Mic to your Computer... Zoom... Echolink...


James KY4TRK Activity Director
Staff member
If you are looking for a way to hook up a good mic to your computer. I am using this device will work great with most mic's... XLR to USB many to choose from.

This special USB cable has an XLR plug on one end, allowing you to connect an XLR microphone directly to your computer. It works with a typical dynamic stage mic, or a condenser mic that has an onboard battery (phantom power is not supported). An additional add on " ROLLS MICROPHONE 48 VOLT PHANTOM MIC POWER I SUPPLY ADAPTER PB23 | eBay " will be needed to supply phantom power. For Condenser Mic's

Altough this is a peace of euquement I would like to get my hands one...

This is the Mic I am using with my system. Heil PR781 if you herd me with are board meeting this last week this is the mic I was using. it also works with echolink and are ham radio's

Some of BOB Heil's Mic's,

Here's almost a complete setup.

If you like tin-tec here's one of there's it's a 4pin XLR

With any of this don't forget your mic stand. HIHI

for the cheep HAM HIHI... I don't know much about these, you cant beat the price...