Ray Offutt

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Thanks for noticing!! Well, there is nothing I can write in response to your comment that won’t sound snarky. I’ll just keep watching to see if a member (perhaps one of their Board members) ever provides the answer. Ray


Scott Day 2022 Vice President
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Does the club have a PayPal account? If not, one can easily be set up. A link can then be placed on the site for annual dues payments. Some, like myself, don't even use checks anymore. In fact I have not cut a personal paper check in over 10 years. So under the current scheme I would need to go to the post office and get a money order. Which I have faithfully forgotten to do for many months now. With a PayPal link I could sort those dues out in about 3 minutes. Additionally, whenever the mood strikes me and I've got a few extra bucks on my card I might also be inclined to just donate a few bucks to keep the club going. I'm sure others would agree and do the same.

KM6IOE Calvin

Calvin KM6IOE - 2020-2022 finance officer
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Yes I see some have already started paying for next years dues!
I will be transferring the funds to the club bank account next week.