ARRL 2021 Field Day June 26-27,2021 ("UPDATE" 6/23/21)


James KY4TRK Activity Director
Elected Director
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As much as we would have liked to gather as a club for this event this year,
We as a club do not have a place for us for field day.
We hope you all will enjoy field day at home again this year as arrl has made the changes to its guidelines for operating a home QTH Station.

Please join us on our Club Zoom Meeting's as we try to find new plans for a meeting location, this has been a very hard year for many groups.

Thanks TCARC


Club Member
Hi, sorry field Day didn't work out this year. Maybe the club can use someone's house and run the radios off a generator. We have done that from inside a building in the past and it was well received. there may be more interest if no one has to be out in 100 degrees.