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Below I have included an attachment that will explain how to sign up for the new ARES Connect feature that is designed to keep much better track of the volunteer hours that so many of us contribute by wanting to help others.
I post on the ARES Connect web page our weekly ARES and SkyWarn nets that only ARES Connect members can use. Also you will be able to register for the events witch will send me a notification that you plan to attend and I will be able to assign you time for your volunteering to take the time to check in on the nets.
Also when we get to be able to start meeting face to face again and helping those fund raising activities like a walk or a bike ride fund raiser you can register on the ARES Connect and I will be able to account for your time. There are so many things you will learn and benefit form signing up there that the list is to long. So please take a few minutes and get signed up. 73 ALL and I will catch you on the next net!!


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I found this initially confusing because the above link takes you to the volunteer hub for Eastern Pennsylvania.

But fret not. The correct link to find events for this area is HERE. Once you register, just click the "All Events" drop down box and scroll down to Tulare -107CA and you will find the upcoming ARES and Skywarn nets and events for Tulare County.