Antenna and tower give away June 13


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On Sat June 13 at 0800 I will open N6QOG's antennas up for first come first serve. I have 22 base and beams in all bands, some less then 6 months old. Also several tower sections, push up polls, and masts. I am giving away several really old mobiles ( 220, 900, and 1200 Mhz,) plus desk mics and most of Alan's programming cables. This is all free. What is available but not free are several heavy duty power supplies, and Alan's tuners and meters. There are too many to list. Please come get them out of my way. The address is 1147 north Enos st on the north east side of town off Ben Maddux and Houston. Will be monitoring 688
73s Gloria W6NRS


James KY4TRK Activity Director
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Was a wonderful morning out there. It was good to see lots of the ham club members.
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