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Tool Kit 2019-08-24

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In the spirit of amateur radio and paying it forward, 100 Watts and a Wire members may request the tool kit.

In this case, instead of loaning tools locally, the kit will tour the country.

If you need help, fill out this brief request form. When one ham is finished using the tools, they'll pay it forward to the next user. This way, no ham pays postage more than once. Postage is roughly 15 dollars.

Here's what's included:
RigExpert AA-30 Antenna Analyzer, USB Cable, 150/400 Watt Soldering gun, Soldering tip cleaner/tinner, Forceps, Screwdriver, Ratcheting die pliers, Hex crimping dies (2), Powerpole crimping die, Insulated terminal crimping die, Small wire cutters, Coax stripper, Tool bag and Logbook
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