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Tuesday 19:30 Hours 146.88-103.5

“Attention all Amateur Radio Operators: the Tulare County Amateur Radio Net will begin at 19:30 hours. This is (call sign)”

“QST, QST, QST . . . calling all Amateur Radio operators. This is (call sign) with the Tulare County Amateur Radio net. This net is conducted by the Tulare County Amateur Radio Club and is open to all amateurs in the area and welcomes their participation.” (pause) “This is the club repeater, WA6BAI, located on Park Ridge at 7,516 feet. We are operating on a frequency of 146.880 MHz with a PL of 103.5 Hz.” (pause) “This is a training net for passing information concerning Emergency Preparedness and Amateur Radio in general, as well as other information of interest to the Tulare County Amateur Radio Club and the local amateur radio community.” (pause) “My name is (name), and I will be your net control station for this evening. All licensed stations are welcome to join this session of the TCARC net. Please direct all communications to net control.” (pause) “Are there any stations with Emergency or Priority traffic? Are there any stations with Official Bulletins? (pause) “If you have general information or other announcements, please indicate them when you check in.”

(Call Roster or ask if anyone wants to check in; also ask for late, missed, or visiting stations)

Repeat announcements

“The Tulare County Amateur Radio Club holds meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 19:00 hours (7:00pm). Meetings are held at the Tulare County Board of Supervisors Chambers, located at 2800 West Burrell, in Visalia. Meetings are open to anyone interested.” (If the ARRL news line is active, ask for someone to activate it at the end of the net)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for checking in this evening. Our net will reconvene next Tuesday at 19:30 hours (7:30pm).” (pause) “This is your net control (call sign), my name is (name), and I am closing the net at (time). 73s and good evening.”
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