Rattle Gram aka RibbitRadio

Rattle Gram aka RibbitRadio

  • Digital Messaging​

Ribbit is a novel digital text messaging mode for VHF/UHF communications for recreational and emergency use which radically increases the density of information transmitted by spectrum used.

  • Minimal Hardware​

It leverages the computing power of the modern smartphone to increase the capabilities of any Handy Talkie without requiring any additional hardware.

  • Distributed Design​

Its redundant distributed nature allows it to function even when internet connectivity is lost during emergencies.

Open Source​

Ribbit is open source and currently in its early stages of development.


Ribbit is a project of the Open Research Institute


DEFCON August 2022​

Download the pdf poster.

QSOToday September 2022​

RATPAC November 2022​

How It Works (with HB9BLA)​

Rattlegram Demo by Ahmet​

Want to test the technology?​

Download Tech Demo 'Rattlegram'

    • Google Play Store Get it on Google Play TestFlight for iOS TestFlight iOS

Note: Tech demo is called rattlegram - Ribbit name will be used when we reach Alpha release​

Test your reception with the Test Signal on YouTube.
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